Save Trees and Make A Difference!

Looking at the way our environment is changing, we need to save it from rapid destruction. The primary way we can achieve this is by saving trees.

Why Must We Save Trees?

If you look around you, you will notice all the trees in your neighborhood, hanging over houses, driveways, and streets. They provide shade. They help to reduce pollution and also absorb noise. They keep the place fresh. If there are fewer trees in an area, people living there will have to use coolers, ACs and fans to cool their houses. Most importantly, trees give you oxygen to breathe and survive.

Tree Planting Organizations and The Work They Do

There are several tree-planting organizations across the world. Here are a few of them.

1. Plant a Tree Today Foundation

Plant A Tree Today Foundation has been a charitable organization in the UK since 2006. They are fighting ongoing deforestation all over the world through education and campaigns.

2. American Forests

This organization has been creating healthy forests across the country for about 145 years. They protect the forests against deforestation as it is one of the worst dangers to forests.

3. One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a charitable organization. Their mission is global reforestation.

4. Greening Australia

Greening Australia is one of the first tree planting organizations in the country. The volunteer movement is powerful.

Ways To Save Trees

We need to plant more trees so that we can save trees. WE need to ensure that no one cuts trees down unnecessarily.

1. Be aware of the trees in your neighborhood. Laws are protecting them. If you see any tree coming down, bring it to the notice of local authorities. If the tree is diseased, then they need to cut it down. However, sometimes, they do it for aesthetic reasons, and that is not right. Apart from speaking to local authorities, you can get the media involved.

2. Plant more trees. It is essential to protect the trees that are already existing, but it is equally important to grow more trees. You can join a tree-planting organization or start one yourself. Talk to an arborist so that you know what kinds of trees you should plant in your area. Then visit a nursery and find the saplings that you need. With proper care, your little tree will grow and flourish for many years to come.

3. The next important thing to do is to avoid using too many products that come from trees. You could start using cloth towels instead of paper ones. Reusable containers are a better option than paper bags. Handkerchiefs can be a better option for tissues. If you do need to use paper-based products, consider using recycled ones only.

How To Plant A Tree

-Dig a shallow hole in the moist soil.

-Remove all containers around the plant.

-Place the tree in the hole.

-Make sure that it is firm by placing the soil around it carefully.

-Use a stake if you need one.

-Put organic matter around the base to hold moisture.

-Check on the tree regularly.

Let’s get started today and make a difference to the environment!

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